Carnegie Mellon University
August 17, 2017

Volunteer of the Week

Loretta Barone

By Jay Farrell

“I love teaching yoga. I’ve taught it for forty years,” Loretta Barone told me. “If you gave my yoga students an intelligence test,” they would place in the top 1% nationwide, and nowhere has that been more true than in my CMU Osher classes.”

Loretta has taught yoga for CMU Osher since 2011. She originally signed on for one year, but “I loved it so much, I never stopped doing it. And I plan to keep on doing it.”

Loretta and her husband Bob, a retired college English professor, are devoted to the arts in Pittsburgh, each logging 50+ live performances every year, mainly symphony, theatre, and dance, including productions by the Carnegie-Mellon School of Drama. “We love the fact that we have access to so much that is culturally rich here in Pittsburgh, and we include CMU and CMU Osher in that category.”

The Barones’ have one son. He and his wife are anesthesiologists in Princeton, NJ, and have a seven-year-old son.