Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon provides two types of television service to the university community:

  • Streaming or Internet Protocol television (IPTV), is available for student accounts connected on the campus wireless or wired network. Room and board charges include streaming television fees.
  • Wired or High Definition (HD) coax television, is available in all student dorms as part of room and board charges, and available to faculty and staff in most main campus administrative and academic buildings. To watch programs on the wired TV service, you need a cable-ready television set with a coaxial cable connected from the wall outlet to the set's antenna-in port. If you have a tv tuner card installed in your computer, use the card manufacturer's instructions to set up your connection.


  • Streaming - Students only
  • Wired - Students, faculty and staff


For wired TV service, faculty and staff Telecom Administrators:


  • Faculty and staff pay $5.34/month for wired service