Carnegie Mellon University

Space Options

Whether you are looking for hoteling space for your staff or a room that offers fully intergrated web conferencing, we've got you covered. Explore the options below. Then, contact us for a consultation. We can help you create a space that meets your needs.

Web Conferencing Rooms

With the right technology, hybrid meetings or classes will be seamless for both remote and in-person attendees. Below are some examples to get you started.


Fully-Integrated Web Conferencing

Whether using Zoom or another web conferencing tool, technology installed in this space allows both in-person and remote attendees to participate in meetings.

Typical equipment includes:

  • System touch panel to launch web conference and control equipment
  • Mounted monitor 
  • Controllable pan/tilt/zoom camera Integrated microphone 
  • Mounted speakers
  • HDMI cable to display a laptop or device


Web Conferencing Capable Room

Connect your device to the room equipment to broadcast your Zoom meeting or other web conferencing option. 

Typical equipment includes:

  • System touch panel to control the room equipment
  • HDMI cable to connect device
  • USB cable to connect camera and microphone to the computer
  • Mounted monitor Video camera
  • Integrated microphone
  • Mounted speakers


Web Conferencing Cart

With this cart, any room can become a web conferencing capable room. A laptop or mobile device is needed to connect to Zoom or another web conferencing tool.

Cart includes:

  • Monitor with remote control
  • HDMI cable to connect device
  • USB cable to connect camera and microphone to the computer
  • Soundbar
  • Mounted camera

Hoteling Space

As many return to campus, there will be situations where someone may need a place to work for a short period of time. These spaces can be used to connect privately to a Zoom meeting or a quiet place to work.

Consider the equipment needed to make the space comfortable for the short time it will be used. A display for web conferencing, power outlets and flexible furniture makes these spaces functional. Hotel spaces can be elaborate or simply a counter on an empty wall. Below are some examples to provide you with ideas for your hoteling space. 


This example offers multiple displays for web conferencing and nearby power outlets. 

An empty wall can provide a short-term place to work.

Whiteboard walls and a display make this space perfect for a Zoom or small in-person meeting.