Carnegie Mellon University

Terms of Service

The following terms apply to both Computing Services cable TV service and Comcast service provided through the student housing agreement. Comcast may have additional terms and policies that apply to its service.

  • IMPORTANT! Cable television systems re-use radio frequencies. If you do not use the correct cables and parts to connect your television receivers, you may cause interference with fire, police, ambulance and emergency services, and airplanes. The University Store has approved cables available for purchase. Do not use bare wire, lamp cord, or anything other than coaxial cable to connect your television to the cable outlet.

  • Computing Services reserves the right to disconnect any cable TV user whose wiring or equipment causes interference, leakage, or may potentially damage the cable TV service.
  • Viewers may connect as many television receivers and DVRs to an outlet as they wish. However, the signal from an outlet may not be extended past the boundaries of the room where the outlet is located. This means that you are prohibited from running cables between rooms, or out of doors or windows. Any such extended wiring will be treated as a case of theft of service.
  • Computing Services is a part of the campus information infrastructure, and come under the provisions of the Student Handbook, Computing Services Code of Ethics, and other policies regarding abuse of the network facilities.
  • Carnegie Mellon University will assess a fine and impose other sanctions for any willful damage, theft of service, other activities incompatible with the service, or with activities interfering with the enjoyment of television and telephony services by the students, faculty, and staff of the university.