Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew userID

Your Andrew userID (AndrewID) is the username for your Andrew Account. Your Andrew userID is automatically created by Computing Services using a 3-8 character combination of your first, sometimes middle, and last name or initials.

In cases where many people have similar names and initials, your Andrew userID may also include a number. Some examples of possible Andrew userIDs are:

Name  Andrew userID
Myron J. Kapoodle mkapoodl
Marcie J. Kapoodle mjkapood
Mark J. Kapoodle mkapood1

As a Carnegie Mellon affiliate, you are entitled to one Andrew userID.

Andrew Email Address

Your Andrew userID is used to create your official university Andrew email address as follows:
[Andrew userID]

Individuals with an active affiliation to the university as established by formal contract, employment, or enrollment. This includes all currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty. Individuals that do not have (or no longer have) an active affiliation may be eligible for a visitor account


You Andrew userID is required for all Web Login services including email, network access (to campus wired and wireless networks), public computer labs and more.  Visit Andrew Account for more information.