Carnegie Mellon University

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an intelligent business process automation solution designed to electronically manage documents. The ECM service provides a scalable content management application that allows customers to capture, index, link to, collaborate on, and retrieve documents from a centralized location, with additional integration, business process, workflow routing, analytics, and electronic form capabilities.

Scalable content management support is provided through:

  • Partner Engagement and Consulting - Professional analysis and solution design to support each customer’s operational, workflow, technical, integration, and budget requirements.
  • Project Management and Implementation - Specialized planning, coordination, and installation to meet operational requirements.
  • Operational Service and Support - On-site deployment, management, onboarding, and on-going maintenance with support during normal business hours and 24x7 service monitoring.


Our ECM service strives to eliminate manual processes and automate repetitive tasks using workflows, electronic forms, and document management.

  • Minimize costs and resource needs by leveraging a proven, centrally managed, university-wide solution
  • Capture information from almost any source
  • Connect people and information in the context of business processes
  • Automate processes across the university with content-centric business workflows and electronic form options
  • Manage content in any format across its lifecycle for compliance and retention
  • Enhance security with data encryption and protection

Key Features

  • Document scanning and capture from almost any source including electronic data (email and electronic forms), rich media, enterprise applications, and printers/scanners (for paper document sources)
  • Document storage and retrieval enhanced with data separated security options, flexible organization, and version control
  • Flexible search options to access documents quickly using predefined business workflows and conditions, system-assigned values, metadata, and/or full-text searches
  • Easy-to-use interface with simultaneous viewing capabilities for collaboration
  • Automatic lifecycle management for compliance and retention
  • Solution usage analytics
  • Electronic enterprise forms for data collection, retrieval, and storage with field validation, conditional logic, and page branching
  • Workflow, business process, and/or technical integrations with common enterprise applications and university systems


Campus partners in academic and administrative departments



Basic service options are provided at no charge. Advanced service options can include customized software or vendor fees and will be included with each customer agreement.