Carnegie Mellon University

Google Mail

Google Mail, or Gmail, is an integrated cloud-based solution for email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks offered by Google. We recommend always using Google in a browser or with Google apps.

Optional Tools and Feature

  • Email Tools - Set up email forwarding, view your remaining mailbox storage space, and more.
  • Google Calendar - Create and invite others to meetings, book a room resource, and manage your schedule.
  • Google Contacts - A web-based contact management solution that's integrated with your email and calendar. Integrated with the CMU directory for ease of use.
  • Google Keep - Take notes using virtual sticky notes with Google's note-taking app. Also available without a CMU Google Mail account.
  • Shared Mailbox - With a shared mailbox, multiple people can access a single email inbox, as well as manage a shared calendar, contacts, notes and tasks.

  • Google Tasks - Create tasks to stay on track from directly within your Google Mail account.


  • Students, faculty and staff
  • All apps are included with your CMU Google Mail account.
  • Those using Exchange for their email still have access to Google Keep.