Carnegie Mellon University

IT Professional Services​​​

IT Professional Services provide hands-on support to assess your business needs and connect you with the best possible solutions, eliminating any technical skills gaps that may currently prevent you from accomplishing your goals. If you know the type of support you need, choose from server management and hosting, database, application, or software development services. For more open-ended business problems, connect with our Business Innovation Office.

Server Management and Hosting     |    Database Management     |     Application Management      |     Software Development    |     Business Innovation Office

Server Management and Hosting

Computing Services provides secure, reliable, cost-effective virtual and physical server space with regular support, maintenance, and backup protection.

Consider this service if you need a server to host anything from departmentally-used applications to websites and research data.

Database Management

Database Management services provides secure, reliable data storage and access solutions for SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases through CMU's virtual infrastructure.

Consider this service if you would like support hosting, monitoring, and maintaining a database used to conduct university business.

Application Management

Application Management services can help you build, maintain, and continuously improve the platform you need to support and manage an existing application in a digital environment.

Consider this service if you would like support identifying, purchasing, setting up, and/or managing a software application used to conduct university business.

Software Development Services

Software Development services can assist with web-based application development, application or product configuration, and automation and scripting.

Consider this option if you have a difficult business problem that you think could be solved with a custom software solution.

Business Innovation Office

The Business Innovation Office (BIO) consults and advises campus partners to help analyze business problems and deliver solutions using practices rooted in process improvement and project success.

Consider this service if you’re dealing with a complex business process and need guidance. We can help you analyze the issues, assess current processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and find the right path forward.