Carnegie Mellon University

Transition your Services

Use the guidance below as you transition your email, file storage, and other computing-related services from Carnegie Mellon to new services and storage locations. Keep in mind, student access remains active for 90-days and faculty and staff for 30-days (at your department's discretion) after leaving the university.

Email and Calendar

Create an email account

  • Faculty/staff select a free service provider such as Google or Yahoo.
  • Graduating students take advantage of the email. See the Alumni Association website for details. Please note, this is a new email account. You will need to export your email, contacts and calendar data (see below).

Important: Do not use the POP3 feature on your personal email or Alumni email to pull email from your account.

Export your email messages, contacts and calendar data

Forward your email

  1. Visit
  2. Click Mail Forwarding and follow the onscreen steps.

Note: Your email will only forward during the transition period. Once your account access transitions, email forwarding is disabled

Delete or transition ownership of recurring calendar events

If you use Exchange, give recurring calendar events an end date prior to your departure. Another employee should create the recurring meeting from that point forward.

Files and Software

Download files stored in the cloud

If you have files stored in Box or Google Drive, download them to your computer's hard drive, removable media or another storage location.

Transfer your files from Andrew File System (AFS)

  1. Delete any files that you don't want to keep.
  2. Use secure FTP to move files to your computer's hard drive, removable media or another storage location.

Save and unpublish your personal web pages

  1. Use secure FTP to access your files at and copy them to another storage location.
  2. Follow the steps to unpublish and remove your pages from the server.

Remove licensed software from your computer

Once your Carnegie Mellon affiliation ends, you are required to remove software software downloaded from the locations below.

  • Computing Services software page (e.g., Matlab, Mathematica, etc.)
  • Departmental servers
  • Andrew directories
  • Microsoft Imagine
  • VMware Campus Store