Carnegie Mellon University

Transition your Student Services

Graduating students, before you leave campus, follow the guidance below to transition the services associated with your Andrew account, including:

  • your email, calendar, and contacts
  • files stored in Box and AFS
  • personal web pages
  • licensed software
  • non-university services that use your Andrew email address

Update your Email Address

If you used your Andrew email to register for or log in to a non-university website or service (for example, social media, banking, shopping, and job search websites) update your registration or login to your personal or alumni email address.

Migrate your Mail

Use the Alumni Mail Migration tool to move your Andrew email from Exchange or G Suite to your new alumni account. See the instructions provided in "Export Calendar and Contacts" on this page to copy your calendar and contact entries.

Visit the Alumni Association website for more information, or to access your email.

Export your Google Data

Export your student G Suite account data -- including email, calendar, contacts and Drive using Google Takeout. You will first need to request access to the tool.

For more information on using Takeout visit Google's Download your Data support page.

Export Calendar and Contacts

Follow the appropriate instructions to export your Exchange or Google calendar entries and contacts.

Download your Files

If you have files stored in Box, AFS or MyFiles (from Computer Labs or Virtual Andrew), download them to your computer's hard drive, removable media or another storage location. Use secure FTP to move the files you want from AFS.

Unpublish UserWeb Pages

Follow these steps to save and unpublish your personal web pages.

  1. Use secure FTP to transfer your files to another storage location.
  2. Unpublish and remove your pages from the server.

Remove Licensed Software

When your Carnegie Mellon affiliation ends, you are required to remove licensed software downloaded from the locations below.

  • Computing Services software page (for example, Matlab, Mathematica, and so on)
  • Departmental servers
  • Andrew directories
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware Campus Store