Carnegie Mellon University

How To Use Software Development Services

Once you request a Software Development services consultation, we will work with you to perform a detailed intake process and stay with you through the launch of your product to offer ongoing support. Here's how our process works:


During this phase, we'll perform an intake assessment to determine if we can meet your needs. We’ll perform discovery to understand your business needs further. If we can help, we’ll move on to scoping where we'll document the project, capture requirements, request data sources, and identify key deliverables. This will help us uncover factors that could delay or alter your project. If we can’t assist with your request, we’ll engage the right colleagues in Computing Services who can. 


We’ll come to an agreement, defining milestones, payment terms, business risks, the process for making scope changes, and other factors that may impact your costs and schedules. As we build and test the project, we'll have standing meetings so you can see our progress, hold working sessions to get the details right, and lead review sessions so you can provide feedback. You and your team will have the opportunity to examine the project as a complete solution during user acceptance and verify it’s working as desired. Finally, we’ll help you plan a rollout to your team, customers, and partners.


Here your desired product comes to life! We'll help you launch your application, support your training efforts, and transition all processes to help your team, customers, and partners adopt your new features and functionality. Our involvement doesn't have to end there. We can come to terms on a support agreement to maintain your product, as well as work together to review your emerging needs and plan future changes.