Carnegie Mellon University

Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching spaces allow both in-person and remote students to learn, collaborate and participate in a classroom environment.

CMU’s hybrid learning spaces and technology are designed to extend your normal classroom activities to remote students in any scheduled location.


Which type of hybrid space?


Standard classroom technology along with tabletop cameras and microphones.

Baker Hall 140A
Baker Hall 140B
Baker Hall 154A
Baker Hall 235A
Baker Hall 235B
Baker Hall 237B
Baker Hall 255A
College of Fine Arts 102
College of Fine Arts 317
College of Fine Arts 318
Cyert Hall 100A
Doherty Hall 1112
Doherty Hall 1117
Doherty Hall 1209
Doherty Hall 2105
Doherty Hall 2122
Gates 4101
Gates 4102
Gates 4211
Gates 4215
Gates 4301
Gates 5222
Hall of Arts 107
Mellon Institute 348
Mellon Institute 355
Mellon Institute 448
Porter Hall A18A
Porter Hall A18B
Porter Hall A18C
Porter Hall A19
Porter Hall A19A
Porter Hall A19C
Porter Hall A19D
Porter Hall A20
Porter Hall A20A
Porter Hall A21
Porter Hall A21A
Porter Hall A22
Porter Hall 125B
Porter Hall 125C
Porter Hall 125D
Porter Hall 126A
Porter Hall 226A
Porter Hall 225B
Porter Hall 226B
Porter Hall 226C
Posner Hall 145
Posner Hall 146
Posner Hall 151
Posner Hall 152
Posner Hall 153
Wean 4625
Wean 4707
Wean 4709
Wean 5201
Wean 5202
Wean 5302
Wean 5304
Wean 5316
Wean 5310
Wean 5312
Wean 5320
Wean 5328
Wean 5403
Wean 5409
Wean 5415
Wean 5421
Wean 6403
Wean 6423
Wean 8427

Software Based Conferencing

Integrated microphones and cameras to enhance hybrid discussions and interactions. 

Baker Hall 136E
Doherty Hall 1212

Doherty Hall 2210
Doherty Hall 2302
Doherty Hall 2315
Gates 4401
Hamerschlag B103
Hamerschlag B131

Margaret Morrison A14
Margaret Morrison 103
Porter Hall 100
Posner Hall A35
Wean 4708

Wean 7500

Resident Video Conferencing

Local conferencing capabilities with room-level cameras and audience microphones.

Baker Hall A36
Doherty Hall A302
Doherty Hall 1211
Gates 4307
Hall of Arts 160
Posner 147
Wean 4623

Resident Zoom Technology

Zoom conferencing from the touch panel with room-level cameras and audience microphones.

Baker Hall A51
Baker Hall A53
Scaife Hall 105
Scaife Hall 234
Scaife Hall 236
Scaife Hall 238