Carnegie Mellon University

Plaid Cash Printing

Plaid Cash is used for public computer lab or library printing in the following situations:

  • Active students, faculty and staff with Andrew accounts and a valid CMU ID card who have exhausted their allotted print quota can add more quota to their CMU ID card through the PlaidCash Value Transfer machines.
  • Campus guests with a valid guest account (e.g., OSHER students) can purchase a PlaidCash card for printing.
  • Plaid Cash can be used for both printing or copy services at the University Libraries.
  • Plaid Cash can be purchased in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10 or $20.
  • The Plaid Cash web page offers detailed information on how to make a Plaid Cash deposit to your CMU ID card.
  • Departments may use their campus Oracle string to purchase PlaidCash cards or to assign Plaid Cash to an existing cardholder (student, staff or faculty) for departmental or research printing or copying. You must return the appropriate Plaid Cash form to the Carnegie Mellon Card Office. This Plaid Cash assignment may only be used for copy services at the University Libraries or computer printing.  It may not be used for other purchases.

    IMPORTANT: Departments should keep a record of the Plaid Cash card number. This number is required by Enrollment Services if a departmental Plaid Cash card is lost and must be deactivated.