Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew File System (AFS)

Andrew File System (AFS) is a global filesystem that allows access to files from Mac, Windows or Linux computers. It is similar to cloud-based storage, however, data is stored locally at Carnegie Mellon University. AFS also allows file sharing with other members of the Carnegie Mellon University community.  Network Drive storage on Mac lab computers uses AFS space.

  • CourseWeb Project Volume
    Faculty and teaching assistants may request a CourseWeb Project Volume to upload and share course-related web pages to the server. Canvas is the recommended technology for storing and sharing course-related information. Publishing works the same way, copying HTML files from the www directory of the CourseWeb Project Volume. CourseWeb project volumes are created in /afs/andrew/course/. CourseWeb pages are published with the URL where courseid is the course ID number.

  • File Sharing
    Share files
     with other CMU affiliates through the public directory.

  • Non-Course Project Volume
    Departments may request a non-course project volume (5GB max) in AFS to upload project or other departmental files. Non-course project volumes are created in /afs/andrew/department/.

  • UserWeb
    Students, faculty and staff are provided personal AFS space. Web content is published using HTML files stored in the www directory of an individual’s AFS space. Personal UserWeb pages are published with the URL youruserid is your Andrew userID.


Students, faculty and staff