Carnegie Mellon University

Domain Name System

Domain Name System (DNS) converts web addresses into numeric IP addresses. For example, DNS translates into the IP address "" DNS is required for the computing infrastructure.


  • Authoritative Name Service
    Additional second-level domains can be managed for Carnegie Mellon affiliates upon request. These domains require registration with a domain registrar (e.g., Network Solutions, GoDaddy). Computing Services provides DNS service for approved, CMU-affiliated external domains. Domain owners accept full responsibility for technical, administrative and billing-related management of the registered domain.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    Networked computers or hosts automatically obtain Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and other network attributes, such as the default gateway router, subnet mask and DNS servers.
  • Third-level Domain Name
    Name immediately before in a computer's full name and indicate the department owner or administrator.


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