Carnegie Mellon University

Access Software

We offer several options for accessing the latest software titles. Computer labs have all the software you need to complete your coursework. We also have virtual and download options. 


Software Download

Many software titles are licensed for download while at the university. Some commonly used applications include Microsoft Office, think-cell, and Autodesk. Visit our software portal, powered by OntheHub, for a full list of downloadable options.

Download Software

Computer Labs

Windows, Mac, and Linux computer labs are available across campus and offer an extensive software selection. All computer labs are available for drop-in use 24/7 without an appointment unless reserved.

Find Computer Labs

Virtual Andrew

Connect to Virtual Andrew from any Windows, Mac, or mobile device to access a variety of software titles not available for download. This is a great option when software is unavailable for download or cannot be run on your computer due to hardware limitations. 

Use Virtual Andrew

Timeshare Linux

Remote, command-line access to a Linux system. Most of the software that requires a Linux environment is available in Timeshare Linux, including MATLAB, SAS, and Minitab

Use Timeshare Linux

Available Titles

Software Title Download Computer Lab Virtual Andrew Linux
and Labs)
Windows Mac
7zip   x x
ACDLabs ChemSketch   x x
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC x x x
Adobe Creative Cloud x x x x
Adobe Reader DC x
Adobe Express
(formerly Spark)
x x x
AirMedia (Crestron) x
Alice 3 x x x
Allegro Common Lisp x x
Analytica x x
ANSYS x x x
ANSYS Granta Edupack x x x
ANSYS Lumerical x x x
ArcGIS Pro x x
Arduino x x x x
Atlassian x
Audacity x x x x
Autodesk 3ds Max x x x
Autodesk AutoCAD x x x
Autodesk Inventor Professional x x x
Autodesk Maya x x x x
Autodesk Mudbox x x x x
Autodesk Inventor Nastran x x
Autodesk Recap x x
Autodesk Revit x x x
Avid Pro Tools CFA
Blender x x x x
Campus Printing x x x x Labs
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client x
Cisco Jabber Client x
Citrix Workspace x
CMake x x
CrashPlan x
Compressor x
Concord x x
CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor x
DaVinci Resolve x
ddd x
dejagnu x
DNA Master x x


Eclipse x x x x
Emacs x x x
Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) x x
FastX x x
Fetch x x
Final Cut Pro x
Finale CFA
Firefox x x x
Fritzing x
Garage Band x
GCC x x
gfortran x
ghc x
GIMP x x x x
GitHub Desktop x


Go x
Google Chrome x x x
Google Workspace for Education x x x x
Grand Perspective x




GSView 5 x x
Handbrake x x
Homer Pro x x
IBM SPSS x x x
IceVM x
ImageJ x x x x
iMovie x
Inkscape x x x x
Java JDK x x x x
Java JRE x x x x x
Jmol x x x
Keynote x
LabArchives x
Libreoffice x
LightSIDE x x
Logic CFA
LyX x
macOS x
MacTeX x
Maple x x x x x
MathCAD Prime x
Mathematica (Students) x x x x x
Mathematica (Faculty/Staff) x
Matlab x x x x x
Matlab (Standalone) x
Max 8 x x x
Mendeley Desktop x x x
MeshLab x x x
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching x
Microsoft Office x x x x
Microsoft SQL Server x
Minitab x x x
mlton x
mono x x
Motion x
MyApps (Citrix) x
Netbeans x
Netica x x
NetLogo x
Numbers x
NVDA x x
NyquistIDE x
Ocaml x


Open Science Framework x
p5 x
Pages x
Palisade DecisionTools x x
ParaView x x x
Pd x x x x
Praat x
Preform x x
Processing x x x x x
PsychoPy x
PuTTY x x
PyCharm CE x
Pymol x
Python x x x x
Pyzo x x x x
Qualtrics CoreXM Survey Platform
(web app)
R x x x x
Redhat Linux x
x x x
RStudio x x x
ruby x x
SAS 9.4 x x x x
SAS On Demand for Academics x x
Screenflick CFA
scribe x
Siemens NX x x
SimaPro x x
smlnj x
SolidWorks x x x
Solstice x
SSH Tectia x
Strawberry Perl x x
Texmaker x x x x
TheUnarchiver x
Totem x
think-cell x
UltiMaker Cura x x x
Unity x x
VisIt x x
VLC x x x x
VMware Horizon Client (for Virtual Andrew) x
VMWare Workstation x
Visual Studio Code x x x
Weka x x x x
WinAVR x x
WinSCP x x
Windows Defender x
Windows OS x
Wolfram Alpha Pro x
Xcode x
Xemacs x x
XQuartz x
X-Win32 2014 x x x
ZBrush x x x
Zoom x x