Carnegie Mellon University

Manage a Sponsored Account

If you currently sponsor an account, you can manage and update the account information at any time.

  1. Go to the Request Accounts Portal.
  2. Login with your Andrew userID and password.
  3. Click Manage Accounts.
  4. Select the sponsored account you would like to update.
  5. Specify if the account is a Qatar account.
  6. Specify the preferred email box that you would like to use for the sponsored account: 
    • Forward to Non-CMU email: emails are delivered to a personal, non-CMU mailbox.
    • Exchange: to create a CMU Exchange mailbox. 
    • Google Apps: to create a CMU Google mailbox. 
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to update name, address, phone and/or email information.
  8. Click Submit. The account information is updated real-time.  Google mailbox creation may take several hours.