Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Wireless Network

The campus wireless network provides wireless connectivity across all campus buildings and in many outdoor areas. Carnegie Mellon provides three wireless network options for computers, smart phones, and other devices supported with browser or login (authentication) capability:

  • CMU-SECURE - preferred wireless network for students, faculty and staff.
  • CMU-GUEST - basic network access for guests. 
  • eduroam - wireless access for guests of member institutions.  

Carnegie Mellon also provides a wireless network reserved for smart devices that typically do not support web browsers or login (authentication) capabilities.

  • CMU-DEVICE - wireless network reserved for gaming consoles, electronic personal assistants, smart TVs and more. 


  • CMU-SECURE - students, faculty and staff
  • CMU-GUEST - guests of faculty and staff
  • Eduroam - guests of member institutions
  • CMU-DEVICE - students, faculty and staff