Carnegie Mellon University

Wired Network Registration Improvements

Computing Services migrated academic and administrative buildings to a new wired network registration system over the summer. Now, CMU community members have access to a much easier, more streamlined network connection experience, similar to connecting in a hotel room.

Data Clean Up

Beginning January 11, we will continue this work with a second phase to clean up duplicate data in the old NetReg system. The following will be removed from NetReg:

  • Registrations duplicated in the new GetOnline network registration system.
  • Registrations NOT in the new GetOnline network registration system.

Devices registered with a public IP address in GetOnline will remain in the old NetReg system.

Refer to the schedule below for details on when data clean up will happen in your building. 

Clean Up Schedule

  • Bramer House
  • Cyert Hall
  • UTDC
  • 6 PPG Place
  • 205, 311, 317, 319, 407, 417 South Craig Street
  • 1723 Murray Ave
  • 4609 Winthrop Street
  • 4721 Fifth Ave
  • 6555 Penn Ave
  • Alumni House
  • Ansys Hall
  • East Campus Garage
  • Facilities Management Services Building
  • Mill 19
  • Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
  • Purnell Center
  • WQED
  • Baker/Porter Hall
  • Doherty Hall
  • Gates Hillman
  • Hamershlag
  • Hunt Library
  • Mellon Institute
  • Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC)
  • Posner Hall
  • Posner Center
  • Roberts Engineering Hall
  • Robert Mehrabian CIC
  • Newell Simon
  • Scott Hall
  • Tepper
  • Wean Hall
  • Whitfield Hall
  • 618 Clyde Street (The Highlands)
  • 4721 Fifth Avenue 
  • Boss Hall
  • Donner House
  • Forbes Beeler Apartments
  • Fraternity and Sorority Houses
  • Hamershlag Hall
  • Henderson Hall
  • Margaret Morrison Apartments
  • Margaret Morrison Plaza
  • McGill House
  • Mudge House
  • Morewood Gardens A-D
  • Resnik / West Wing
  • Scobell House
  • Shirley Apartments
  • Stever House
  • Welch House
  • Woodlawn Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

During the building migrations from NetReg to the new GetOnline system, we retained public IP addresses and names for identified printers, Zoom rooms, and servers. This data will remain in the old NetReg system.

Switch to the wireless network if you need access immediately. 

Try these wired network troubleshooting steps in the following order:


Campus Printing
Use one of the many campus printers. Our Google map can help you find the one that is closest to you. You can even print wirelessly from your mobile device!

Departmental Printer
Report the issue to your printer support team:

Personal Printer
You should be all set if you connect directly from the printer to your computer.

If you connect over the internet, the IP address will change. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions on updating the IP address for assistance.

To use the CMU Wired Network, you need to register your computer.
Your departmental IT or DSP consultant may have registered your computer for you.
There is no action required. Continue using the CMU-SECURE wireless network.

Look up the new private IP at and use this information to connect to a device remotely. Please be aware that you must use VPN to connect to your device. 

Contact the Computing Services Help Center to help identify the new IP address.