Carnegie Mellon University

Wired Network Registration Improvements

If you recently registered your computer to use the Carnegie Mellon University wired network, you know this process can be confusing depending on your affiliation and the building. We are starting a project to improve this experience for all customers. The new registration process will be much easier and similar to connecting to the wired network in a hotel room.

Before we can implement these updates, we need to make some backend changes. This is a technical “behind the scenes” effort for us and will be accomplished building by building. You will be notified when it’s your turn. We don’t expect you to notice this backend change. However, we ask that you shut down your computer the night before your move to avoid any issues.

Refer to frequently asked questions below for more information.

If you are not in the office the day before the change or forget to turn off your computer, restart it when you return.

If you want to use the CMU Wired Network, you need to register your computer.
Your departmental IT or DSP consultant may have registered your computer for you.
There is no action required. Continue using the CMU-SECURE wireless network.