Carnegie Mellon University

Enterprise Tableau Server

A data analytics platform that enables Tableau business partners to collaborate and share report and dashboard information in a centralized shareable architecture, empowering data-driven, strategic, and tactical decision-making in a secure and governed environment.


  • Save money with a service support cost-sharing model for all hardware, system, and server administration needs.
  • Increase efficiency and collaboration by sharing fully functional and interactive dashboards for quality data analysis.
  • Promote operational excellence with secure access to unified dashboards.
  • Enhance information sharing with mobile app availability, providing access to view, interact with, and subscribe to dashboards from any location.
  • Enhance data security with an on-premise solution and infrastructure.

Key Features

  • A secure and independent Tableau site per business partner to share business-specific dashboards
  • Site management tools to control server access and permissions for viewing, exploring, and creating data visualizations
  • A shared Tableau server with access to multiple data sources for centralized support, management, and governance


University partners in academic or administrative departments


New Customers

Tableau Desktop customers that want to expand sharing capabilities and take advantage of a centrally supported service model as an Enterprise Tableau Server business partner.

Existing Customers 

Current Enterprise Tableau Server business partners with a designated Site Administrator

* To be completed by Site Administrator.


  • Licensing - Based on current rates and usage.