Carnegie Mellon University

Television Troubleshooting Guide

If you cannot resolve your problem after following the troubleshooting steps below, phone the Telecom Service Line at 412-268-8500 for assistance.

You need a a television set with a QAM tuner (one capable of receiving digital cable channels). Most TVs manufactured recently have this type of tuner. If your set does not, purchase an external digital-to-analog converter box with a QAM tuner, for example, the iView 3500STB, available from

Your TV set may not be tuned or connected correctly. Follow the instructions below. If you still have problems, confirm that you are the only one on the floor or in the building who is experiencing issues. If others are having problems, call the Telecom Service Line at 412-268-8500 to report the outage. to

  • Run the built-in "auto program" feature on your TV set. Refer to your manufacturer's instructions for details.
  • Confirm that your cable-ready television is set to the "Cable" input.
  • Confirm that your television is correctly connected to the cable TV wall outlet.
  • Try someone else's cable or television set in place of your own.
Purchase a universal remote control as a replacement, then follow the manufacturer's instructions to pair it with your device.
Purchase a standard television set cable at the University Store or a store that carries electronics accessories.
Refer to the channel lineup for the streaming, wired and Oakland Apartments TV services.

Computing Services does not provide or support television service on the Carnegie Mellon network. If you have a television tuner and would like to try to connect, follow the manufacturer's instructions.