Carnegie Mellon University

How To Use Cloud Faxing

Activate cloud faxing: To use this service, you must submit a request to activate it. You will not be able to send faxes until your request is approved.

Send a Fax

  1. Open your email and create a new message. 
  2. In the new message, attach the document that you want to fax. (Accepted document sizes: A4, B4, letter, or legal.)
  3. To send a fax with a cover sheet, in the To: field enter the recipient's name, company and fax number in the following format, followed by
    • (Example:

To send a fax without a cover sheet, in the To: field enter only the recipient's fax number. (Example: or

Receive a Fax

To receive a fax using cloud faxing, provide the sender with your assigned fax number. You will receive the fax as a message directly to your email inbox, even if the fax was sent from a fax machine.  

Note: You cannot reply to an incoming fax.