Carnegie Mellon University

MyDeptFiles (DFS)


  • Backup Solution - Data stored on MyDeptFiles is backed up, in near-real-time, as files are changed. If you modify or delete a file, those using Windows have the ability to recover the file immediately.
  • Data Retention and Recovery - MyDeptFiles can be rolled back up to four weeks in cases of accidental file deletion. Data can not be recovered after this window of time.
  • Drive Mapping - DSP or your departmental administrator can assist with drive mappings for your Windows computer. Those using macOS can access drives easily through Finder. Connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN for access off campus. Do not map your drive to a personal computer.


DSP customers and others by request.


  • Contact Computing Services with the following information:
    • Authorization Name
    • Department Name
    • Size request or increase (for current customers)

Note: Space increases generally take 2-3 business days to process; new volumes can take 5-7 business days.