Carnegie Mellon University

Computer Labs

Public computer labs are available across campus to support teaching and learning activities. Depending on the space, they offer Windows, macOS, and/or Linux computers. Labs may include projection capabilities for both resident and instructor devices and student workstations with "bring your own device" connections. Printers, scanners, and a library of installed software titles are also available. External hard drives or jump drives are compatible.

Standard technology in all computer labs includes:

  • single display for projection
  • instructor computer with touch panel
  • input connections for laptop/mobile devices

Hours & Availability

  • All computer labs are available for drop-in use 24/7 without appointment unless reserved. Check Today's Schedule for details.
  • Most computer labs are available to schedule for classes or service projects (with the exception of the labs in Morewood and Residence on Fifth). Review reservation information for details. 


  • To Use - All students, faculty and staff
  • To Reserve - Faculty and staff can reserve for an academic or professional development class with priority considerations. Students can reserve for community service projects with limitations.