Carnegie Mellon University

How To Use Your CMU Phone

Refer to the information below to learn how to use your CMU phone.

To make a call from your CMU phone, do the following:

  • Call an on-campus phone number
    Dial the last five digits of the phone number.
  • Call an off-campus phone number
    Dial 91, the area code, and the phone number.
    (9 + 1 + area code + phone number)
  • Call an international phone number
    Dial 9011, the country code, and the local phone number.
    (9 + 011 + country code + local phone number)

Refer to your CMU phone guide for detailed information, including instructions how to:

  • transfer a call
  • forward a call
  • make a conference call
  • search the phone directory
  • adjust your phone settings

Use the Forward All button on your phone to forward your phone to another number. Use the format: 9 + 1 + area code + phone number for an off campus number. Refer to your CMU phone guide for additional steps.

You can also use CMU Phone Manager to forward your phone. If your are off campus, log into VPN first.

CMU Phone Manager lets you configure online both your telephone and Jabber application settings, including:

  • speed dial numbers
  • contact lists
  • phone services
  • voicemail notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the power cord?

The phone cable is the power cord. Your phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology with Power over Ethernet (PoE). The power comes from the network switch connected to the phone cable.

Do I lose my phone service during a power outage?

Yes. There is no VoIP phone service during a power outage. When power is restored and the network stabilizes, VoIP phone service resumes automatically. 
Note: If you unplug the phone cable from its wall outlet, you disconnect your VoIP service. To restore service, plug in the cable.

What do I do if my phone appears to not have power, or if it powers on and off?

You may have a problem with your outlet or ethernet cable. Do the following:

  • Verify that the network cable is plugged into the network port on the back of the phone.
  • Verify that the phone is plugged directly into a wall outlet that is activated, and not through a switch or a hub.
  • Try another ethernet cable or another ethernet outlet.

If your phone still doesn't have power, contact Computing Services with the following information:

  • phone outlet number (where the phone is plugged in)
  • phone type (the PID-VID number) 
  • phone MAC address
    Note: You can find the PID-VID number and MAC address on the back of the phone.

Can I move my phone to a new office myself?

Yes, as long as your new office has an Ethernet outlet with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) and data connection.

  • If you're moving within the same building, simply plug your phone into the outlet. If you're unsure of the type of outlet in your new office, contact Computing Services.
  • If you're moving to another building, contact Computing Services to verify that the network capabilities of new location.

Why does my phone screen display the message "Unregistered" or "Not Registering" or a spinning wheel?

You may have a problem with your ethernet cable or outlet. Do the following:

  • Verify that the ethernet cable is plugged in completely to a PoE outlet with voice data.
  • Try another ethernet cable.
  • Try another ethernet outlet.
  • Unplug the ethernet cable, then plug it in again.
  • Disconnect other equipment connected to the phone, for example, an answering machine.

Why doesn't my phone ring?

Your phone or Cisco Jabber status may be set to "Do Not Disturb." Refer to your phone guide or Cisco Jabber guide for details.

Why doesn't my phone forward my calls?

You may have forgotten to enter the correct prefixes when you set up forwarding.

  • To forward your calls to a Carnegie Mellon number, enter the last five digits of the phone number.
  • To forward your calls to a phone number outside Carnegie Mellon, dial 91, the area code, and the phone number.

Why can't I access the web page?
If you are connecting from outside the Carnegie Mellon network, connect to VPN first, then log in.

How to I change the wallpaper on my phone display?
Follow these steps to change the wallpaper:

  1. Press the Applications button  on your phone, then press 2 on the phone keypad.
  2. Press 1 to access the wallpaper menu.
  3. Use the center navigation button on the phone base to highlight to the wallpaper you want, then press Set (screen bottom menu) to select a wallpaper.
  4. Press the Exit button (screen bottom menu) twice to return to the main screen.

What accessibility features does my phone have?

Cisco 8800 series phones offer Voice Feedback to help individuals with low vision or blindness use the telephone by assisting them as they navigate phone settings and screens. A voice reads aloud relevant information in English, including incoming caller ID, displayed screens, settings, and functions. For more information, visit the Voice Feedback web page.