Carnegie Mellon University

Protect your Account

Your Andrew userID and password are your key to many online services at Carnegie Mellon. The Office of Admission (or for graduate students your Academic Department) should already have provided you with instructions to retrieve your Andrew userID and set your password. Contact the Help Center if you have questions.

It's important that you protect your password, not only for your own security but for the security of the university network and everyone on it.

Secure your Account and Identity

Connect to the Network

  • Wireless networking is available in all academic and administrative buildings and in many outdoor locations
  • Connect your computer, mobile devices and gaming systems
  • Use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to access restricted services, like printing, from off-campus
  • Secure your devices; password protect computers and mobile devices and keep software up to date

Connect to the network
Secure your Computer and devices

Read Email

  • Read your G Suite at CMU email on your computer or mobile device
  • Access email from a browser at
  • Be aware of phishing, suspicious email links and attachments

Access and configure email
Don't fall victim to phishing

Store and Share Files

  • Use one of our secure options to access your files from anywhere
  • Collaborate with on and off-campus affiliates
  • Save files from a lab computer

learn about file storage and collaboration options
secure your data