Carnegie Mellon University

Communications Cabling

Estimates, installation and maintenance of cabling and outlets for voice, video and data. Consultation, assistance and management of the following are coordinated through this service:

  • category 6 UTP systems
  • coaxial cabling systems
  • multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic systems
  • all related pathway (riser and horizontal for intra- and inter- building)
  • construction and renovation projects managed by Facilities Management & Campus Services (FMCS) and Campus Design and Facility Development (CDFD)

Phone and data services were previously provided using separate jacks. Communications outlets are now universal and can be installed for either service. If you anticipate a future need for multiple outlets on the same faceplate, we recommend installing at the same time to reduce costs and minimize disruption.


Students, faculty and staff



$65 first hour/$55 each additional hour