Carnegie Mellon University

How to Connect to the Wired Network

Complete the steps below to connect.

Note: IT Staff or Student Organizations who maintain network registrations for their group refer to these alternate Network Registration instructions.

Step 1: Activate your Outlet

  1. Go to the CANDO website. You must be on the campus wired/wireless network or connected through VPN.
  2. Click Enter Cable and Network Distribution Operations Application (left sidebar).
  3. Enter your Andrew userID and password if prompted. You will see the CANDO home screen with a list of your previous activations.
  4. Open the CANDO Navigation folder and the Activations sub-folder to reveal Search Activations and New Activation options.
  5. Click New Activation and select the appropriate LocationBuilding, and Room from field drop-down lists. A list of available outlets and their activation status will appear at the bottom of the window.
  6. Select the outlet you wish to activate and click Activate.
    Note for students: this is the last step to activate your outlet.
  7. Select the appropriate Network Segment and Template fields from the drop-down lists if they are not prefilled based on your location.
    Note: Network Segment is usually the name of your building (e.g., Cyert Hall, Mudge House, etc.). If you're unsure of what to enter in the Template field, use Single Host.
  8. Click Save. You will see a summary of your outlet activation. Set an expiration date in the Expires On field, if desired.
  9. Click Save to submit your request.

Outlet activation may take up to two business days.

Step 2: Connect the Ethernet Cable

Connect your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer after the outlet is active. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the data outlet.

Step 3: Register your Computer/Device

Important: These steps are for students registering computers/devices in a residence hall. Everyone else should follow the "All Others" steps.

  1. Go to the Device Registration tool.
  2. Log in with your Andrew userID and password.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • For a connected device that supports a web browser or login (authentication) capabilities:
      Click Register, and then enter a hostname (e.g., JoeUser-Mac).
    • For a device that does not support a web browser or does not have login (authentication) capabilities:
      Click the Wired option, and then enter a hostname and the MAC address of your device.

Public IP Address

Devices are registered with a private IP address. This provides additional security when accessing Internet resources. Contact the Help Center to request a public IP address for a device. 

Important: This includes devices located in academic or adminstrative buildings as well as departmental computers/devices in residence halls.

You will need the hardware address, building location and subnet for the computer you are registering.

  1. Go to Read the page instructions. Download the Root Certificate, if prompted.
  2. Click Enter.
  3. Log in with your Andrew userID and password.
  4. Select Register New Machine.
  5. Select a location from the Building list, click Continue and select the Subnet.
  6. Enter the Basic Information:
    • Hostname (optional) - enter a name for your computer.
    • Domain Name - select unless your group is listed.
    • Hardware address - enter your computer's hardware address.
    • Affiliation - select your affiliation.
  7. Click Continue. The following displays:
    • Registration failed - a red box appears indicating the problem.
    • Registration successful - your registered computers are listed.

Please allow at least 30 minutes for the information to propagate to the network.