Carnegie Mellon University

Host a Meeting


  • Clicking the link inside your calendar invite will place you into the meeting as a participant and not the host. 
  • Zoom will not allow you to host multiple meetings at the same time.

Get Started

To start a scheduled meeting:

  1. Open Zoom. Visit Launch Zoom for instructions on downloading and logging into the app.
  2. Click Meetings (top).
  3. Click the Start button beneath the meeting details.

Visit Enabling and Adding a Co-Host for more information on setting up a co-host for your meeting or webinar.

Managing Meetings

An image of the Zoom toolbar that directly lines up with the text below.

Once you’ve started a meeting, use the tools in the Zoom window to manage it.


What It Does How To Use

Mute/unmute your microphone and audio options.

Click the button to mute/unmute your microphone. Adjust Audio Controls via the ^ arrow next to mute/unmute.

Start Video / Stop Video

Stop/start your video feed or change its source.

Click the button to start/stop your video. Use the ^ arrow next to start/stop to control cameras and access full video controls.

Invite others to your Zoom meeting

Click Invite. Click Contact to search CMU affiliates, click Email to enter an address or Copy URL to share the meeting link.
Manage Participants

Control options for participants in your meeting

Choose Manage Participants to mute all, unmute all, or click the More button for additional options such as mute participants on entry or play a chime upon entry.


Share content on your laptop or device.

Click Share, then choose Desktop to share all open windows, select a single an open application, the whiteboard or another device.


Chat with other members of the meeting.

Select Chat. Click More to view other options. Type your message and press Enter.


Permits you to record the meeting and save to the cloud or to your local hard drive.

Click Record and choose Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud.

Breakout Rooms

Break attendees out into separate rooms as needed for expanded discussion.

Select the number of rooms and Automatically (for automatic room assignment) or Manually (to assign participants).

End Meeting

Ends the meeting.

Click End Meeting, then choose Leave Meeting to leave and allow the meeting to continue, or End Meeting for All to end the meeting for everyone.