Carnegie Mellon University

Manage Zoom Interviews

Zoom allows you to easily set up and manage interviews using the Breakout Rooms feature. With Breakout Rooms, you can split a single Zoom meeting into 100 separate sessions. You can then arrange for a candidate to meet with several interviewers in separate Breakout Rooms. 

Expectations for the Host

  • The interview host should be available for the entire day to answer questions and facilitate interview transitions.
  • The interview host must have the Zoom meeting open throughout the day.

Before You Start

  1. Make sure the Zoom application is updated.
    1. Click your profile icon (upper right) and click Check for Updates from the drop-down list.

    2. If an update is available, click Update.
  2. Gather the following: 
    • The interview schedule defines interview blocks (times) and interviewers during the session.
    • The contact information for the interview candidate.
    • The contact information for all interviewers (CMU employees).

Schedule the Zoom Interview

  1. Schedule the meeting for the interview candidate.
  2. Schedule and send invitations to your interviewers by copying the Zoom invitation to the calendar event. Send a Meeting Request to each interviewer for their assigned time block.
  3. Review Manage Zoom Interviews [pdf].
  4. Practice using Breakout Rooms with your coworkers before your interview meeting. 

Day of the Interview

  1. On the day of the interview, start the Zoom meeting and set up the Breakout Rooms.
  2. Facilitate the interview meeting process using the following features: 
    • Assign participants to the appropriate Breakout Rooms according to the interview schedule. 
    • Join each Breakout Room (as the host) at the start of each interview block to facilitate the interview process.
    • Leave each Breakout Room (as the host) once each session has started.