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Request a New Site

Before requesting a new site, review the required information below. We will evaluate your website goals and expectations and determine if the CMS is a good fit for your website needs.

The Project Sponsor is the decision-maker for the site and responsible for the site contents. Only a faculty or staff member can be the project sponsor.

The Project Lead is responsible for building and maintaining the site. This person is usually a faculty or staff member; however, a student may assume the role with the understanding that a replacement will be designated once the student leaves. Multiple project leads can be listed.

Both the Project Sponsor and the Project Lead may authorize requests to add or remove users from the site.


What is the purpose of the site:

  • Academic Department
  • Administrative Department
  • Research Group
  • Center
  • Lab
  • Other

Site Name

The name of the site as it will appear in the upper left corner of every page.

Proposed URL

All site URLs begin with and should reflect an affiliation to the parent site. For example:


URLs are subject to approval. See the URL Management page for more information.

Affiliations & Interdisciplinary

Affiliation with an officially recognized university unit, such as an academic or administrative department, or if interdisciplinary (i.e., it is affiliated with more than one academic department).


Specify if any of the site content will be related to:

  • University policies
  • Human Resources policies, practices, guidelines or procedures
  • Student admission, registration or financial information

Provide a site outline that includes:

  • main site navigation (primary)
  • supporting or complementary information (secondary)


Primary Topics

Degree Programs
Prospective Students
Contact Us

Secondary Topics

About Us
Location & Directions
Staff Directory

A content outline will make building your website easier. For more information see Creating a Content Outline.

Provide the Andrew userIDs for everyone who will need site access.
Complete the Site Request form.