Carnegie Mellon University

Virtual Andrew (Windows Desktop)

The Virtual Andrew (Windows Desktop) service provides remote access to a Windows environment similar to a Windows computer lab machine with a variety of academic software titles. You can access Virtual Andrew from a Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device from any location. 

The applications you access do not need to be installed on your computer, however, for the best experience you will need to install VMware Horizon Client (available in the Software Catalog).


  • Increase productivity and mobility with safe access to Windows software from multiple devices in any location
  • Reduce hardware, processing and memory requirements on your local devices
  • Take advantage of timely upgrades and patches through virtual desktop management
  • Alleviate backup concerns with reliable maintenance and recovery planning
  • Enhance security with centralized antivirus products and server protection

Note: Not all Windows computer lab software titles are available for use with Virtual Andrew. For a comprehensive list, visit the Software Catalog.


Students, faculty, staff


No request necessary