Carnegie Mellon University

Box Drive App

The Box Drive app offers real-time connectivity to cloud-based files without a browser making it easier to share files with others in multiple locations.


  • access files on-demand
  • search, view, and copy all Box content, including read-only
  • create and access shared links
  • upload and open any content from a Box folder
  • mark files to be available offline on a per-machine basis

Install Box Drive

  1. Download and run the Box Drive app from the Box Apps page.
  2. Click Use Single Sign On (SSO). Log in with your Andrew userID and password, then authenticate with DUO when prompted.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish the installation.
    Note: If you’re using a departmentally managed device, you may need to launch Admin By Request or contact your IT administrator to finish installing the application.
  4. Launch Box Drive and log in.
  5. If you have Box Sync installed, follow the prompts to uninstall the software.
  6. Your Box files are now stored in a new folder called Box


Best Practices 

  • Do NOT install both Box Sync and Box Drive.
    The two applications cannot run on the same device.
  • Use the search functionality within Box Drive.
    The search capability within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder will not return results for Box Drive files. Instead, use the search within Box Drive.
  • Use the Box Drive Mark for Offline feature to work without an Internet connection.
    Box Drive's Mark for Offline feature gives you access to your Box cloud content anywhere, regardless of Internet connectivity, on each computer where you run Box Drive. If you make changes to your files while you're offline, Box Drive automatically uploads the revised content when you next connect to the Web.