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Selection Guide

The Computing Services team provides a broad range of professional video production services. From single-camera shoots to live broadcast production to creative productions to captioning and transcription, we can record at almost any campus location, and even some off-campus sites, subject to additional transportation fees. Follow the guidelines below to select your services, or contact us for assistance.

All new productions created with Media Services include on-demand video hosting and download delivery for one year, as well as professional closed captioning and transcription.

Lecture or Event Recording

We’ll capture your lecture or event at an affordable rate. We can also add slides, professional titles, effects, and background music to your recording. This service includes on-demand hosting (public, private, or password protected). If you are teaching a course and taking advantage of the tremendous resources available at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation, this service is a great compliment.

Choose from one of the options below.

Request a Lecture or Event Recording
Price List

Example of a single-camera production setup featuring two faculty conversing.


  • HD recording
  • One hour post-production editing; hourly rate for additional editing
  • On-Demand or Download Link Delivery

Example of a multimedia production featuring a faculty member presenting side-by-side with a slide.


  • HD recording
  • Presenter's slides and content are live-switched in recording
  • Multi-camera setup (subject to availability and labor costs)
  • On-Demand or Download Link Delivery
  • 30-minute minimum setup time

Example of an in-studio production featuring a faculty member lecturing.

In Studio

  • Professionally designed and soundproof recording studio
  • Voice-over or podcast recording
  • Teleprompter
  • Lightboard
  • Multiple backdrops (white, gray, black or green screen)
  • Professional lighting
  • Hourly post-production rate

Live Broadcast Production

When you add a live broadcast production to your event, guests who aren't able to attend in person can watch online in real time.

A live broadcast is similar to a standard lecture or event recording. Our videographer captures and cuts between one or more video streams, the presenter's slides, or other digital content.

Note: Computing Services broadcasts live productions using Kaltura, a platform that provides higher-quality video and audio than Zoom, but does not include chat, Q&A, or other audience participation capabilities.

Example of a live broadcast production featuring a student musician.

Request a Live Broadcast Production
Price List

  • HD livestream and recording
  • Presenter's slides or content captured in recording
  • Multi-camera setup (subject to availability and labor costs)
  • On-Demand or Download Link Delivery
  • On-demand hosting (public, private, or password-protected)
  • 30-minute minimum setup time

  • Link password protection (optional)

Looking to host an online event for up to 10,000 participants? Webinars are a good option. Learn more.

Creative Productions

Computing Services’ commercial video production offers top-of-the-line video production with recording resolutions up to 4K, custom motion graphics, 360° video, animation and professional video editing. We can produce anything from standard interviews to fun high-energy creative promotional content. Choose from one of the options below.

Request a Creative Production
Price List

Example of a creative promotional production featuring a faculty member.


  • High-energy or documentary-style storytelling
  • Interviews and B-Roll filming (supporting video)
  • Multi-camera setup (subject to availability and labor costs)
  • Professional lighting
  • Hourly post-production rate
  • Motion graphics for titles (optional)

Example of a 360 video production.

360° Video

  • Uses 360° video camera technology
  • Perfect for virtual tours
  • Indoor or outdoors
  • 360° interactive panoramas

Example of an animation production.

Editing & Animation

  • 2D & 3D motion graphics
  • 2D character animation
  • Character design
  • Edit existing footage (including Zoom recordings)
  • Explainer-style or narrative videos
  • Voiceover dialog (optional)

Media Conversion

Convert physical media, such as VHS, mini DV tape, DVD, or Blu-Ray, to digital video file.

Note: We cannot convert materials protected by copyright without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

Order Media Conversion
Price List

Captioning and Transcription

Media Services offers captioning, transcription, and audio description services for videos you created yourself or with another video producer. Depending on your budget and goals, you may choose from a variety of captioning options.

We provide professional closed captioning and transcription services automatically for all new video projects that we produce, including lecture or event recordings, as well as creative and commercial projects. You do not need to complete a separate request.

We are unable to provide real-time captioning and transcription services for live events and classes. To coordinate live captioning, contact the Office of Disability Resources.

Order Captioning or Transcription
Price List

Captioning Options


Media Services offers two levels of captioning for your pre-recorded videos.

  • Professional (99% Accuracy) - your project is submitted for professional captioning and reviewed for accuracy. 
  •  Mechanical (80%-95% Accuracy) - this captioning is automated and is not reviewed for accuracy. 

Delivery Format

Media Services can provide the following for your pre-recorded videos:

  • Closed Captions - your final video will be hosted using our video service, Kaltura. We will provide you with a link to the video for sharing purposes. Viewers can choose to turn on or off captioning as needed. 
  • Open Captions - your final video will be delivered to you as a downloadable file for sharing via cloud storage or another platform. Captions are burned into the video, which means all viewers will see the captions. Viewers will be unable to turn off captions.
  • Transcription - a text file containing the transcript of your meeting or webinar will be uploaded to Box for your use. 

Video Hosting Service

The Media Services team uses the Kaltura video hosting platform. If you choose Closed Captioning for your pre-recorded video project, we will upload your video and provide you with a link for sharing.

Please note that projects stored on Kaltura will incur an annual hosting fee. Please review our price list for more information.