Carnegie Mellon University

Lab Software Request Process

The Software Catalog allows you to easily review productivity and academic software products that are available in computer labs across campus for Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

Faculty members can request additional software for student assignments and projects if the software is not available. 

  1. Ensure there are enough software licenses for all of the computers in the lab where you will be teaching.
  2. Confirm the following software requirements:
    • The software is supported on available computer lab operating systems.
    • The software does not require administrator or root access to run.
    • The software is not demo, beta, or otherwise unreleased.
    • The software does not require distinct license codes or serial numbers for each install. Contact us for special server licenses.
  1. Submit the Additional Computer Lab Software request form. Include the following as attachments:
    • Documentation stating the number of licenses available (an invoice with the number of licenses purchased or a formal licensing agreement with the number of licenses included).
    • Documentation stating if the software is being used elsewhere on campus, and if so, how many licenses currently remain for installation in computer labs.
    • A copy of the software licensing agreement
      (a formal contract, a printed licensing agreement provided with the software media, or even a click-through license that you must accept when installing the software).

Note: Refer to the Lab Software Request Form Deadline information to determine when to submit your request for semester availability.