Carnegie Mellon University

Save Files When Working on Virtual Andrew

When using Virtual Andrew, you have three options for saving your work. They are as follows:


Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage options offer a generous storage quota and access from anywhere. Save your files to one of our preferred solutions before logging off:

  • CMU Box - log in to your CMU Box account, then drag and drop your files into Box.
  • Google Drive - log in to your CMU Google account, then upload your files to Google Drive.


Save your files in the My Documents or Desktop folders on Virtual Andrew and they'll be stored there and available for use the next time you log in. Each student, faculty and staff member is allotted up to 2GB of storage space.

Sandbox - Temporary Storage

The Sandbox is a temporary storage area available on Virtual Andrew. Access the Sandbox via the folder on the Virtual Andrew Desktop. Unlike My Files, all files saved in the sandbox are deleted when you log out. Be sure to save your work to a Cloud Storage option or My Files BEFORE logging off.