Carnegie Mellon University

Secure a Meeting or Class

It is possible for uninvited guests to gain access to Zoom meetings. Zoombombing can be prevented, however, by putting settings in place today to protect your Zoom meetings in the future.

Update Settings

Log in to Zoom via a browser:

  1. Visit and click Sign In.
  2. Click Settings (left) and then Schedule Meetings (left).
  3. Enable one of the following options:
    • Only authenticated users can join meetings
    • Require a password when scheduling new meetings

Note: To apply these changes to previously scheduled meetings, you will need to edit those meetings.

Restrict Access

  • Enable the Only authenticated users can join meetings feature to limit access to individuals with CMU Authenticated Zoom Accounts. Note: If you have meetings with participants not associated with CMU, consider setting a password or restricting access to Any Authenticated Zoom Account.
  • The Require a password when scheduling new meetings feature automatically assigns a password to your meetings (when enabled), and includes the details in the Zoom invite.


Take Control Of Your Meeting

Select the Participants button on the Zoom toolbar, then perform the following actions to manage uninvited guests:

  • Remove the individual - Hover your cursor over the unwanted individual's name. Click the More drop-down and then Remove.
  • Lock the meeting - Click the More drop-down (lower right) and then Lock Meeting. When you lock an in-progress Zoom Meeting, no new participants can join, even with a meeting ID and password.