Carnegie Mellon University

Record a Meeting

Both local and cloud recording options are available. 

Local or Cloud Recording

  1. Click Record from within your Zoom meeting.
  2. Indicate whether you would like to record to your hard drive (local) or the cloud.
  3. Click Record.
  4. To manage your recording or share with others, sign in to your account at, and click Recordings.
Note: Save recordings locally if sensitive information is being discussed. You can also password protect cloud recordings for increased security.

Recording Settings

To set your recording preferences for all meetings:

  1. Sign in to your account at, and click Settings Recordings.
  2. The following are recommended:
    • Local recording - on
    • Cloud recording - on
    • Automatic recording - off 
    • Sharing cloud recordings - on (this will restrict access to CMU members)
Note: Changes made in the Recording settings apply to all recorded meetings.