Carnegie Mellon University

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education is a cloud-based suite of applications and tools geared toward education, providing members of the CMU community with solutions for communication, collaboration and storage. For the best experience, use Google products, including desktop mail, in a browser or with Google mobile apps.

Core Applications

Always log into Google with your Andrew userID and password—do not use your consumer Google account for university business. These core apps are available to the Carnegie Mellon University campus community (current students, faculty and staff) at no-cost, with no advertisements. These FERPA-compliant apps are covered under the Carnegie Mellon Google Apps for Education contract with Google and include:

Productivity Tools

Non-Core Applications

Additional Google Consumer Non-Core apps are available for your use, but are governed by a contract between you and Google.

What are Google Non-Core Apps?

These apps are not subject to the same agreement that Carnegie Mellon University has in place with Google under the Google Workspace for Education contract, and they often contain specific terms of use regarding privacy, security, government access, and support.

Non-core apps include products such as:

What Data Can I Use with Non-Core Apps?

Each non-core application or add-on has its own terms of service and they are not covered under the Carnegie Mellon University Google Apps for Education contract with Google. Anyone using these apps or add-ons with their Andrew account must still adhere to Carnegie Mellon University Guidelines for Data Protection

Most importantly, non-core apps and add-ons are not FERPA-compliant. FERPA data is
defined as Restricted and therefore cannot be used in a non-core app or add-on. All data uploaded to a non-core app or add-on must be classified as Public, which means information that is intended for
public access. Visit Data Classification Standard for more information. 

Consider the Data You're Sharing

Before you create content with non-core apps, consider your data. You may be sharing more thank you think. For example:

  • Captions within YouTube videos
  • Overlays in Google Maps or My Maps

Restrict content created with non-core apps to private and disable commenting to ensure the most secure experience when using these tools.