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How to Use Google Groups for Business

Google Groups for Business offers multiple uses for the CMU campus community. Google Groups for Business allows you to:

  • create a distribution list of individuals that:
    • you manage manually in Google Groups for Business OR
    • is updated automatically via Grouper when individuals enter or leave the campus community.
  • send and receive email and calendar events through an alias.
  • host group discussions related to emailed content.
  • maintain a single location to house group conversations.

Prepare to Request Your Google Group

Before you submit a request for a Google Group, it's a good idea to review the following so that you have all the information you'll need to submit your request.

Decide How You'll Manage Group Membership

Would you like to manage the group directly in Google Groups, adding and removing members as needed? Or would you like to connect your group to Grouper, where it will automatically update when people join and leave the university? Review the table below to help you choose.

My group: Grouper Google Groups
Consists of people from many departments
Consists of one or more entire departments
Will frequently change membership
Will only change when people leave or join the university.
Will receive frequent communications and/or calendar invites.

Determine the Group Owners

Group owners are essentially in charge of the group. They can add and remove members, create and publish posts, and moderator posts (if enabled in your group). 

Before you request a group, consider which members it would make the most sense to assign as group owners.


Request a Group

Before you submit your request for a Google Group, you'll also want to define the following:

  • Who can view conversations?
  • Who can post, attach files to posts, or moderate content? 
  • Who can view the list of members and view their email addresses?
  • Who can contact the owners?
  • Who can reply privately to the post authors?
  • Who can manage membership in the group?


Work with Google Groups

Log In to Groups

  1. After your Google Group has been created, visit Google Groups and log in with your Andrew userID and password.
  2. Your group will display (left) with the following options:
    • Conversations
    • People
    • About
    • My membership settings
    • Group Settings

Manage Group Members

Note: You cannot use both Grouper and Google Groups to manage your group. If you have requested Grouper, for example, and edit the group membership in Google Groups, your changes will not save and will be overwritten by Grouper.

Create, Post, and Manage Content

Work with Google Groups