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Guidelines for Google Additional Services

Google Additional Services are available through Google Workspace for Education. These apps are governed by Google's consumer licensing structure which has privacy implications. This document provides information about the terms and conditions of use, along with guidance on privacy settings and more. 

Privacy Concerns 

Each Additional Services application or add-on has its own terms of service and they are not covered under the Carnegie Mellon University Google Workspace for Education contract with Google. Anyone using these apps or add-ons with their Andrew account must still adhere to Carnegie Mellon University Guidelines for Data Protection

Most importantly, these apps and add-ons are not FERPA-compliant. FERPA data is defined as Restricted and therefore cannot be used in a non-core app or add-on. All data uploaded to a non-core app or add-on must be classified as Public, which means information that is intended for public access. Visit Data Classification Standard for more information. 

Current Services

Applied Digital Skills (ELMS LMS)

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Teach and Learn Digital Skills

Brand Account

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Manage Your Brand Account

Chrome Web Store

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What is Chrome Web Store?


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FeedBurner Overview and FAQ

Google Alerts

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Create an Alert

Google Gemini

You must be aged 18 years or older to use Google Gemini. Please review the usage guidelines below. 

Usage Guidelines

Google Books

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How to Use Google Books

Google Developer

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Google Earth

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Google Groups

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Learn About Google Groups

Google Maps

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Get Started with Google Maps

Google My Maps

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Get Started with My Maps

Google Pay

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Get to know google Pay

Google Photos

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Get Started with Google Photos

Google Public Data

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About Google Public Data

Location History

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Manage Location History

Scholar Profiles

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Google Scholar Overview

Search and Assistant

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Web and App Activity

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Find and Control Web Activity


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Guidelines for Using YouTube