Carnegie Mellon University

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox gives multiple people access to send and receive messages and calendar invitations from a single email address that is not associated with an individual.

Departments will find the shared mailbox useful for several reasons:

  • Provides a central department mailbox allowing staff with permissions to view and respond to messages.
  • Scheduling and viewing team PTO or shift work.
  • Organizing meetings.
  • Increased security — owners and members log in with their own Andrew userID and password.

Optional Tools and Features

  • Google Groups for Business - this robust tool allows you to create a collaborative shared mailbox, forum, or archive for an unlimited number of users. You can also invite group members to core Google apps, such as a Google Shared Calendar, Google Drive, and more!
  • Google Mail Shared Mailbox - most useful for managing mail, calendar, and contacts for small teams.
  • Google Shared Calendar - If you only want to share a calendar with others for PTO, scheduling, and more, you can create a calendar directly from within your own Google Calendar settings.


  • Students, faculty, and staff