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How to Use the CMS

A website within the Content Management System (CMS) comprises multiple elements. While there are many options provided to suit your content, you do not need to use all elements to create your site. The documentation below will guide you through creating, editing, managing and publishing content through the CMS.

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Explore the Interface

  • Log in and select a site
  • Explore the menu bar, asset tree and dashboard

Site-Wide Elements

  • Configure header, footer grid and footer
  • Build navigation

Build a Standard Page

  • Use the standard page template
  • Add basics such as text, links, tables, media or images
  • Add a hero, grid or slideshow


  • Format text
  • Insert links, images and tables
  • Create folders and upload files

Organize and Manage

  • Move and reorder items
  • Restore items
  • Check links 
  • View version history


  • Publish/unpublish 
  • View active jobs
  • Disable publishing

Other Page Types

  • Design short or detailed bio pages
  • Create news articles
  • Promote news articles in a grid, a hero or index


  • Embed a third-party service
  • Use web forms to collect information
  • Restrict a page
  • Analyze web traffic