Carnegie Mellon University

Virtual Application Delivery (MyApps)

The Virtual Application Delivery (MyApps) service provides remote access to a variety of applications from a secure, centralized location on your device. You can use Virtual Application Delivery (MyApps) on a Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device. 

The applications you access do not need to be installed on your computer, however, you will need to install Citrix Workspace (available in the Software Catalog).

When you use MyApps, you:

  • have the look and feel of an application without having it installed on your device
  • experience a consistent look and feel for an application among different operating systems and mobile devices
  • get improved performance on slow internet connections and old hardware
  • do not need a VPN connection
  • get application updates automatically
  • have automatic access to your MyFiles space
  • have remote access to your MyDeptFiles space (if applicable)


Only faculty and staff are eligible to use MyApps, with the prior permission of the application owner.


Additional MyApps (Citrix) Software 

The following applications are available in MyApps. For the installation of additional software, submit a request form.

  • Advance
  • Commvault Console
  • DecisionCast
  • FNIS/Tax Navigator
  • Microsoft Office
  • Oracle Enterprise Business Suite
  • Perceptive Content
  • PowerFaids
  • Sophia
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • VMWare VCenter
  • XPanels