Carnegie Mellon University

Virtual Application Delivery (MyApps) Frequently Asked Questions

The Citrix Workspace (formerly called Citrix Receiver) is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Use the web client to log in to Linux operating systems.
No, you cannot install software on MyApps. For the installation of additional software, submit a request form. Please include justification and licensing details.

Yes, both the MyApps web page and MyApps-based applications have a two-hour time limit.

  • On the MyApps web page, if there is no mouse or keyboard activity for two hours, you cannot launch a new application without authenticating with your Andrew userID and password.
  • In a MyApps-based application, if there is no mouse or keyboard activity for two hours, you will be disconnected from the application and cannot reconnect for five minutes.
If you lose your network connection while working in a MyApps-based application, reconnect within five minutes, or you will lose your connection to the application.
Yes. Network printers connected to your local operating system are mapped to your MyApps session.
When you log in to MyApps, departmental drives, MyFiles, and local storage (optional) is mapped. To access files in these locations from the Save As or File Open dialog box, select This PC, then browse to the file storage location.