Carnegie Mellon University

Linux Timeshare Server Guideline


The Linux Timeshare servers are a pool of multi-user Linux workstations that provide remote access to Linux and Andrew File System resources.These servers provide a shared general purpose computing environment, with access to AFS, the complete set of standard Linux applications, software for courses, and to various commercial Linux applications and programming environments. Users may access the Timeshare servers via SSH and may also use X-forwarding to access an X-Windows environment. We reserve the right to modify this guideline as necessary.

Applies to

Students, faculty, staff and guests

Guideline Statement

The Linux Timeshare servers are a limited community resource. Computing Services monitors the use of these servers to ensure that they remain a consistent and useful service to the community. The usage guidelines below ensure the fair and consistent use of these servers:

  • The servers are for course work, administrative and research use. Games are not permitted.
  • You may log in to only one server at a time.
  • You are not permitted to run batch jobs or unattended background jobs on Linux Timeshare servers. Unattended background jobs will be terminated.
  • Use of intensive operation programs that consume vast amounts of processing resources and degrade a computer's response time for others are not permitted. Computing Services may terminate any process that is determined to be adversely affecting the performance of the Timeshares for others.
  • Use of the reboot/halt and certain fs commands are restricted on the servers. Any loopholes in security that would allow the reboot or use restricted fs commands should be reported to immediately. Halting or rebooting any of the servers is considered to be an abuse of computing resources.

Responsibilities and Procedures

Below are examples of appropriate use of these servers.

  • Reading email.
  • Editing and document production.
  • Running specialized software only available on the Linux Timeshare servers.
  • Working on required programming course assignments.
  • Running required course applications.