Carnegie Mellon University

File Storage Options

Computing Services offers students, faculty and staff several solutions for file storage and collaboration. See the table below to determine the best option for your needs.
  Box Logo drive.svg myfiles.svg AFS Logo
Allows Sharing Between anyone anyone all Andrew users all Andrew users
Real-time Collaboration checkmark checkmark X X
Team Collaboration Box Org Shared (Team) Drives X AFS Project Volumes
Personal Quota 1 TB unlimited 2 GB 2 GB
Team Quota 2TB unlimited X 5GB
Maximum File Size 15 GB varies by type Quota Size Quota Size
Location Cloud Cloud Local Local
File Restoration Self-service Self-service Computing Services
Help Center
Computing Services 
Help Center
Access Via Browser, desktop or mobile app, on devices with  Internet access Browser, desktop or mobile app, on devices with  Internet access A Windows computer lab or through Virtual Andrew A computer with an Internet connection and Tectia (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) software
Encrypted Transmission Checkmark Checkmark X X
Encrypted Storage Checkmark Checkmark X X