Carnegie Mellon University

Computer Labs

Computing Services manages several computer labs on campus. Each location has an extensive selection of software. You can also access certain software remotely using Virtual Andrew


Read your G Suite @ CMU email through a web browser or mobile device

File Storage

A number of file storage solutions are available for students including Box (1TB) and Google Drive (unlimited). Select the option to meet your storage and sharing needs.

Network Connection

Use CMU-SECURE for your wireless connection across campus. You can connect smart devices that don't have a web browser to the CMU-DEVICE network.

Campus Printers

Public printers are available campuswide. Print from a computer lab or a personal computer, then swipe your ID card at the selected printer to release your job.

Safe Computing

Make sure your OS, software, and recommended security settings are up to date and configured. Consider two-factor authentication (2fa) for added security.


Access thousands of training videos and tutorials for free.

Web Stations

For on-the-go access to email, a printer or a web browser, use one of the many convenient Web Stations located on campus.