Carnegie Mellon University

How to Access Specific Software Titles

Computer Labs and Virtual Andrew provide access to a number of university-provided software titles. Some software titles require specific login steps due to their educational license structure. Refer to the steps below for more information about these titles.

Adobe Creative Cloud is available on Virtual Andrew to faculty, staff, and students assigned a Creative Cloud license. If you do not have an active license,  Adobe Creative Cloud is available free of charge in computer labs.

  1. Launch the Adobe title you wish to use.
  2. Enter your CMU email address on the Sign in screen and click Continue.
  3. Select Company or School Account.
  4. Enter your Andrew userID and password on the Web Login screen.
  5. Authenticate with DUO when prompted.

When launched, Lightroom Classic will show the following warning message: Lightroom cannot create a catalog named “Lightroom Catalog” on network volume “\\\users\”.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Select Create a New Catalog.
  3. Select a file location on the device, enter a file name, and click Create.

These steps apply to Virtual Andrew.

  1. Accept the Analytica End-User License Agreement.
  1. Click the link for Your ArcGIS organization's URL
  2. In the field provided, enter
  3. Click Continue, then click Carnegie Mellon University.
  4. Enter your Andrew userID and password on the Web Login screen.
  5. Authenticate with DUO when prompted.
  6. Select Open ArcGIS Pro if prompted.

The Emerald Cloud Lab requires login information granted by the Mellon College of Science. For questions or assistance, please contact MCS Technology Services.

  1. Launch the application and select Apply Existing License.

The University Libraries support Mendeley, visit their site for additional information

  1. Enter your Andrew email address in the login prompt and click Continue.
    : Do not select Sign in via your institution. 
  2. If you already have an account, enter your password. 
  3. If not, follow the prompts to sign up for an account and create a password. 
  1. Click Sign In on the Authentication Required screen.
  2. Enter your Andrew email address.
  3. Enter your Andrew userID and password on the Web Login screen.
  4. Authenticate with DUO when prompted.
  5. Close the browser tab and return to Minitab.

Netica is available using a Limited Mode license.

  1. When the application launches, select Limited Mode.

Pd is available from an icon in the Start Menu and can also be run by doing the following:

  1. In the toolbar search box, type: C:\Program Files\Pd\bin\pd.exe
  1. When launching RStudio, select both:
    • default 64-bit version of R 
    • Rendering Engine: Auto-detect
  2. Click OK.
  1. Accept the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement when prompted.
  1. Click Get started.
  2. Review the User Agreement and click Agree.
  3. Click Next on the Help Us to Improve UltiMaker Cura screen.
  4. If you have an UltiMaker Account, click Sign in or Skip on the Sign in screen.
  5. Select either UltiMaker printer or Non UltiMaker printer, depending on the printer you use for your project, on the Add printer screen.
  6. Choose Add local printer.
  7. Add a non-networked printer.
  8. Select your printer model and click Next.

Follow the steps below to customize the display resolution and scaling for VMware Horizon Client. These steps apply to Virtual Andrew.

  1. Open VMware Horizon Client and connect to a server.
  2. Right-click the CMU vLab remote desktop in the desktop and application selector window, and select Settings.
  3. From the Display drop-down, select Fullscreen > All Monitors > Fullscreen > Single Monitor, Window - Large, Window - Small, or Custom.
  4. Select a resolution from the Resolution drop-down menu to customize the display resolution.
  1. When launching, Weka will display a message about its package manager tool. Click OK to continue.

WinAVR is available via the command line. 

  1. In the toolbar search box type: cmd
  2. At the command prompt, enter the following for instructions: avr32-ar