Carnegie Mellon University

Before you Begin

Group Managers and IT Administrators can review these important instructions to plan for integrating a new service with Grouper.

Your access to Grouper, which is maintained by Identity Services, requires that you understand the CMU Information Security Policy and related guidelines and procedures before logging into Grouper. Your access to Grouper information should occur only for a legitimate university purposes, and be limited to the electronic information needed to accomplish the purpose.  Also understand that your actions within the Grouper environment are logged. Information technology or security personnel may conduct routine or special audits for system protection, maintenance, or management purposes in accord with internal protocols and processes.

Please review the FAQ information to get familiar with Group Management.

The following questions will help you define what the access and group needs will be for your service or application:

  1. What is the service name and description? 
  2. Who is eligible to access and use your service? 
  3. How do current users get access to the service? (e.g., through Web Login)
  4. When is the service available? (e.g., 24/7)
  5. Who makes decisions on the direction of the service?
  6. Who currently manages and maintains the service?

Identify the individuals that will fill the following roles for your service: 

  • Group Manager - this person is considered to be the manager of the group or service. This person will determine, approve and manage group access, or can delegate  these responsibilities to other individuals.
  • IT Administrator - this person acts as the technical integrator between the service and Grouper, and between the Group Manager and Identity Services. This person is often a technical contact that supports the department where the service originates, or works for the vendor of the service.

The next step in the planning process is to complete the Group Management Integration request form.  This form requires collaboration between the Group Manager and IT Administrator.

  • If you are a Group Manager, contact your IT Administrator at this time.
  • If you are an IT Administrator, continue to Integrate with Grouper.