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Information Security Roles and Responsibilities


The purpose of this document is to clearly define roles and responsibilities that are essential to the implementation of the University’s Information Security Policy.  


These Roles and Responsibilities apply to all faculty, staff and third-party Agents of the University as well as any other University affiliate who is authorized to access Institutional Data.


These Roles and Responsibilities will be reviewed by the University’s Information Security Office every 5 years or as deemed appropriate based on changes in technology or regulatory requirements.


Agent, for the purpose of these Roles and Responsibilities, is defined as any third-party that has been contracted by the University to provide a set of services and who stores, processes or transmits Institutional Data as part of those services.

Information System is defined as any electronic system that stores, processes, or transmits information.

Institutional Data is defined as any data that is owned or licensed by the University. See the Guidelines for Data Classification for more information.

Roles and Responsibilities

 The University's Information Security Policy states that, “Individuals who are authorized to access Institutional Data shall adhere to the appropriate Roles and Responsibilities, as defined in documentation approved and maintained by the Information Security Office.” These roles and responsibilities are defined as follows:

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Status:  Published 
Published:  10/27/2022 
Last Reviewed:  10/27/2022
Last Updated:  12/08/2022